Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lost....In the Subway Station....

You wake up.....You feel as if something is wrong....something you forgot....then it clicks.....Your late for work! almost an hour late!!!! You jump outa' bed and get ready for work, as you make your mad dash towards the door you grab handful of cornflakes...stuffing them into your mouth. you run for almost 5 blocks before you hit the subway station, You run down the steps and find yourself in possibly THE most crowded room in the you do what any normal American who is late for work and gets stuck in long lines fight your way to the front. You push everyone out of the way, to make it to the front.....but your attempts are in look around, but it hopeless.....You are lost.........

* * * * *
You push countless people to get out of this endless maze, but to no avail, Frustration builds.....You start shoving people out of the way with all your might, for 30 minutes you try your hardest to find freedom, But its no use....You stop for a breather. You stop and try to think literately for a second, You know 2 things, You are Lost....and...You are REALLY REALLY late for work.

** * * * *

You wake up...Its been 2 days and you are still stuck in the subway station.
You walk around a bit...your mind is thinking of one thing and one thing only.....Freedom.
Your delirious and are seeing haven't eaten anything more than the little bits of food you scavenged the trash can for the past two days. You have given up all hope. You keep wondering and eventually find yourself back at your little 'camp site'. You are cold, hungry and smelly. You wish that someone would help you...Then it clicks....Right next to your camp is a sign.....a sign that might be your only chance of survival! a sign that could save you from this terrible, HORRID place....The sign said...."EXIT".

* * * * *

You jump with joy! then topple over from a severe case of the munchies. You open the door and see a bright light. you cover your eyes...there IS a the end of a tunnel and up some stairs....You slowly walk up the stairs.....heart pumping.....hands sweaty and shaking. You make it to the top and see.....FREEDOOOOMMM!!!!!!!


Pen of Jen said...

Keep up the writing! You are incredible:)

[daniel] said...

Alright cool!
Keep er up!

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